Your Legacy, Your Move

January 18&19, 2014

Adam and Eve reveal the naked truth about ourselves!  Every one of us has a past filled with detours from God’s perfect will.  One decision can define your legacy, good or bad, and any departure from God’s will is a detour from God’s best!  Come find the encouragement to begin the trip right, “Follow the Roadmap”, and decide how your legacy will be told from one generation to the next!

January 25&26, 2014

When you pack for a trip, you try to think of everything you’ll want when you get there  AND you know the frustration of something missing that was overlooked!  This week’s message from Cain and Abel is about THAT thing, you WILL want to be part of YOUR legacy!  It’s probably not what you think!

February 1&2, 2014

Noah was a man who just lived the “right way” while totally unaware of what his legacy would be.  Find encouragement to live your life “the right way” even though you may be currently unaware of how many people are depending upon you!

February 8&9, 2014

This weekend, we’ll look at three generations of the most influential family in history, their dysfunctions, and how each person had an encounter with the living God that made all the difference in the formation of legacies that still speak today!

February 15&16, 2014

Joseph made a lot of right choices that seemed to give him lousy results.  But even in those circumstances, God was at work for good.  Come be encouraged to live a legacy that consistently honors God no matter how bad life appears to get!

February 22&23, 2014

Jesus promised real life for those that followed Him. Yet as our faith story unfolds what happens when following Jesus becomes exhausting? Burdening? Stale? When it feels like a spiritual desert instead of “abundant life”? At these points it can be easy to give up. This weekend find the hope to keep going as we look at how in the desert, Moses’ life was changed forever and shaped legacies of the next generation!

March 1&2, 2014

Joshua dealt with the same fear we experience yet pushed passed it to lead a nation through the greatest challenge they’d ever faced. Will you be strong and courageous and lay claim to the promises of God?