While You Are Here

You can expect an experience lasting about an hour with uplifting music, prayer, and a message from the bible that will be positive, encouraging, and practical.  We celebrate communion each time we meet as a proclamation of Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection because we see him as our source of salvation.  If you consider yourself a follower of Christ, take the bread and juice when they are passed, meditate on their meaning, and consume them when you are ready.

Children and Students

If you prefer, you can keep your children with you in the auditorium.  We do, however, offer an amazing experience tailored to infants through Fifth Grade in a small group setting during each of our scheduled times. A security team member will be ready to help you sign your children in (and note any special needs or concerns your child may have) and direct you to your child’s drop off and pick up locations. Parents of infants can check a diaper bag and will receive a pager in case they are needed in the nursery.  It’s a good idea to come about 15 minutes early to sign your children in and get settled in before we start in the auditorium.

Students in Sixth Grade and higher sit in the main auditorium.

(Learn more about what your child can expect while they are here, and about what students in Sixth through Twelfth Grade are up to on Sunday Nights!)

Snacks and Drinks

Our hospitality team makes sure there are snacks and drinks available each weekend.  Feel free to grab what you’d like, and enjoy anywhere. We figure we are not perfect and a few stains on the carpet are no different than the flaws in each of us.  (Children are offered snacks during their small groups.  Just let the security team or small group leader know if you have any questions about their snack.)


We do not ask our guests to give financially to the work of TMCC.  We consider giving an act of worship by those who regularly attend here that testifies to our confidence in God to keep his promises to care for us, and gives us the joy of participating in what he is doing to change lives here and around the world.

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