Time to Rebuild

July 5&6, 2014

What do you do when you’re standing in the rubble of your job, your family, or your relationships, and it seems God has let you down? How can you continue to obey and trust Him? Join us this weekend to find out from the story of Mordecai and Esther how you can rebuild your confidence in God!

July 12&13, 2014

The value of anything is determined at the point it is exchanged for something else. One of the reasons God’s chosen people found themselves standing in rubble was that they had exchanged God’s word for their own and His identity for one they chose. Join us to see how God worked through men like Ezra to rebuild their identity, and how He wants to do the same for you today!

July 19&20, 2014

Something is just not right with this world. The news we watch or read is filled with so much pain and hurt, it’s overwhelming at times. And it is so tempting to either turn it off and ignore it, or conclude that “someone else” will take care of it, not because we don’t want things to get better, we just have no idea where to start.

Nehemiah was a man who was told of enormous hurt and shame, and his heart broke because of it. Someone found his journal, and now we have the whole story. Join us this weekend to hear about Nehemiah and practical steps to withstand bystanding.

July 26&27, 2014

We’ve all experienced the expectation gap at some point: the distance between what we expected to happen in life and what we actually experience. It’s times like those that our faith in God can be shaken, and we give way to doubts and lies. Join us this weekend as we conclude our series “Time to Rebuild” with some practical strategies for filling the expectation gap!