The Heart Revealed

March 15&16, 2014

The choice of a President or a King or any kind of leader is usually a choice against someone else. The defeated incumbent, in this case, was none other than God Himself! The first king of Israel struggled with a pitfall common to many of us: acceptance!  Find out how you can overcome it, and what can happen when God gives us what we ask for!

March 22&23, 2014

Ever wonder what made a man like David, “a man after God’s own heart”? This weekend we will look into who David was and how THAT can be said about us as well! Come for week two of “The Heart Revealed”.

March 29&30, 2014

At the beginning of his reign, King Solomon “loved the Lord and followed the decrees of his father David.” But over time he compromised what he knew was right and didn’t follow God’s commands. Join us this weekend as we look at what led Solomon to compromise and find out what barriers you can put in place to prevent compromise as you pass the torch to the next generation!

April 5&6, 2014

“Make a name for yourself” is a phrase we hear all the time.  Well what if your dad was the wisest and richest man in the world?  How do you make a name for yourself then, especially when everything he left you with is being threatened with extinction? Jesus sought significance too, but with God instead of people.  And his actions stand in stark contrast to those of Rehoboam.  Let’s look to Jesus.

April 12&13, 2014

For many people, the hardest part of “living by faith” is the loss of control! The king whose heart we will examine this week was given the ultimate promise BUT struggled with giving up control.  Come for the conclusion of “The Heart Revealed” and find the encouragement you need to take whatever your next step may be!