May 31 & June 1, 2014

In the middle of his suffering, Job’s friends said a lot of things to him that were true but were not spoken for his benefit. Many of us have encountered someone who, like Job’s friends, claimed to speak the truth of God but didn’t speak in the way He would. Join us this weekend and be encouraged to speak Jesus’ words in the way he would say them.

June 7&8, 2014

How would your world change if you loved without expecting anything in return? Is that even possible? Join us this weekend to see that kind of love in action in the life of a woman in the Bible named Ruth, and be encouraged to love without expectations in all your relationships!

June 14&15, 2014

Even though he was called by God and was probably the strongest man who ever lived, Samson chose to follow his emotions and desires rather than God’s best for him. He didn’t have the heart of a hero, but God still used him to lead His people. Join us this weekend to find out how you can fight to hear God’s voice, rely on His strength, and have the heart of a hero!