Has God Spoken?

November 30 & December 1, 2014

Emmanuel . . . God with us, is the essence of Christmas and the foundation of our celebration!
Did God visit earth? Has God spoken? Come each week, listen to the eyewitness, and decide for yourself!

December 7&8, 2014

Nicodemus was a man drawn to Jesus from among a crowd determined to prove he was anything but the Son of God!  He stood between darkness and light, unsure of his next step, until he finally escaped the shadows!

December 14&15, 2014

This week we will witness the testimony of a person who, although her life was lived far from God, was brought as near to Him as anyone else!

December 21&22, 2014

Thomas was someone who wasn’t afraid to admit it; “Unless I see __________ I will NOT believe it” was his response to the other disciples when they claimed to have seen Jesus alive three days after they all witnessed His crucifixion!  Can you identify with Thomas’ desire for proof? Do you have something to put in that blank?  Are you already convinced or is there something you still need to see in order to believe?  Will you let Thomas speak for you as a juror then as a witness?