May 17&18, 2014

Though our culture seems to value it, living life on the edge can often lead to pain. How can we set up guardrails in our morals, our finances, our emotions, and other places so that we can experience God’s best for us? This weekend we’ll look at a story from Daniel and learn from his example to set up guardrails that will keep us from disaster!

May 10&11, 2014

Being a great parent can be enormously difficult, and your children can easily mistake you for the enemy when they don’t understand how much you love them. In the same way, you know by experience that when God has felt like the enemy, it was because you didn’t understand His love for you. But God loves us so much that He’ll use anything to draw us back to Him, just as He’s done since the beginning of time!

May 3&4, 2014

Do you know what it’s like to be so discouraged and overwhelmed that you are ashamed to cry out to God for help? We can get into those situations for a variety of reasons BUT making the right choice is critical for our escape!

April 26&27, 2014

Has your attitude ever prevented you from enjoying something good? This week the contrast couldn’t be more real: a young slave girl who chose to be a blessing and a man of privilege in need of help. Regardless of whom you most identify with, you will find encouragement and a next step!

April 19&20, 2014

Beginning with Jesus choosing the cross, each week “Choices” will reveal tough decisions we face that are the key in finding the path to God’s best for us!