Building Faith

The Building Faith initiative challenges us to make three-year commitments that will pay off our mortgage so we can build the facilities needed at the lowest possible cost!

TMCC was started because of a specific need: a genuine Christian community where people could experience the joy of being equipped and entrusted with significant ministry, and be encouraged to become everything God created them to be!  We were also determined to be a place that always had room for more people and would present the unchanging Word of God in ways that the current generation could understand and embrace!

Rather than concluding “We’ve arrived” because we have a building that feels full on the weekend, we seek God to grow us into our full potential as a congregation, believing that anything less would be sinning (missing the mark).  With the opening of the first building, our attendance literally doubled and then it nearly doubled again! With the large influx of people, we began praying earnestly “Increase our capacity to grow people!”   Now we must initiate steps to build again because our facilities are preventing us from becoming the church God is calling us to become!  We must build, and we must do it right!

Four Reasons Why I Believe the Building Faith Initiative is Absolutely Necessary!

1.  Help us build at the lowest possible cost!  Paying off our mortgage will help us qualify for a loan from Bank of the West (BOW) at half the interest rate of Church Development Fund (CDF) (currently 3.6% vs 7.5%). CDF would loan us everything we need to build today, but we’d rather qualify with BOW and right now we fall short by $1.8 million in assets.

2.  Keep the church about people.  Buildings only become the focus of churches who borrow too much because they give too little.  By giving generously, we will make the building our servant instead of our master.

3.  Grow people of great faith! We need this challenge to grow the faith of a great church. Even faith only becomes strong when exercised! Through the exercise of giving, our faith will grow as we experience the faithfulness of our God!  People with great faith give and people who give grow great faith. The first time we borrowed about $1.5 million when 38 households made commitments of $354,700 and gave $365,833.71 (but $175,000 came from outside TMCC) in order to secure our first building loan.

4.  Expand Our Ability to Invest in People. By paying off our loan now, TMCC will be in a secure financial position to grow our ministry to people when it is time to build again!  We are now heavily invested in reaching out, touching lives, and growing people and people are depending on us to spend as little as possible on mortgage interest!

“. . . it was your own eyes that saw all these great things the LORD has done.”

If you call TMCC home, download our free 40 day devotional, find answers to many FAQ’s about the Building Faith Initiative, watch the Building Faith Message Series, and see how God is building the faith of a few members of the TMCC family!  God may use you to help us reach out, touch lives, and grow people to know, love, and serve Jesus!

– Randy Youngblood

p.s. Ready to participate now?  You can give online without a pledge!